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What are you waiting for? 

Done For You Campaigns


  • It's like having Frank Kern, the world's leading Internet Marketing expert, writing and designing your funnels for you. Because he just did. 

Frank Kern has teamed up with the Kartra team exclusively to bring you these elite funnels. You won't find this kind of turn-key, plug-and-play marketing power ANYWHERE ELSE. Only in Kartra.


Just go to the Campaigns section of Kartra and click the
"Done For You" link to launch these complete, fully-pre-built, pre-written, pre-designed, ready-to-launch campaigns — devised and tested (they're the most popular funnels on the Web) — straight from Mr. Frank Kern himself. 

  • 4-Day Cash Machine

    This world-famous funnel has been custom-crafted to help generate revenue for you in a fast, four-day campaign that WORKS. Exclusively in Kartra.

  • List Builder

    Quickly build your most powerful marketing asset — your email list — with a powerfully elegant, simple opt-in campaign driven by a give-away.

  • Quick Launch

    This funnel does just what it says — and it's ready to help you launch a new product fast and PROFITABLY.

Of course, these DONE-FOR-YOU campaigns include all the assets you need, pre-designed and written with world-class copy, including emails, landing pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, checkouts, and more. Just insert your own product names, images, and pricing, and you're ready to go.


Most powerfully, these campaigns have been completely set up for you with all the required lists, tags and marketing automation sequences to help you track customers and close sales. When we say everything is already built out for you, we mean EVERYTHING.


And this is just the beginning! Stay tuned as we continue to add more elite-level funnels, completely done for you by some of today's foremost Internet Marketing Gurus — all ready to launch at the push of a button.

Kartra Pages


Build landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, portfolios, pricing pages, checkout pages, video pages, thank you pages and much more.

If you can drag-and-drop, you can build high-converting, dazzling marketing pages with Kartra in mere minutes.


Choose from dozens of gorgeous, high converting page templates, pre-made sections, and pre-built components for text, images, countdown timers, opt-in forms, videos, and much more. (And for you DIYers out there, you can add your own HTML code to sections too!)

With Kartra Custom Domains you can use Kartra pages to display your own brand and domain:


Instantly customize backgrounds, colors, layout, images, and copy, with point-and-click simplicity.


One more click launches your page with Kartra’s built-in hosting or gives you a simple embed code for your own hosted-sites. And that's it. 


Kartra can automatically split-test your page creative too, switching to whichever version converts the best — automagically. 

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns



    • Put your marketing and sales machine on autopilot with Kartra's drag-and-drop campaign sequence builder. Growing your business has never been this easy.

    Kartra makes it a snap to craft automated marketing funnels and comprehensive campaigns to engage your customers, even if you've never done this kind of thing before.


    From the simplest 1-step automations to the most complex, multi-layered campaign sequences, if you can drag, drop and click, you can start selling in just minutes.  


    Kartra's drag-and-drop, visual Sequence Builder gives you all the tools to lay out and launch your list-building and sales sequences. Easily configure if/then stages including:

    • Send emails and SMS
    • Add/remove tags
    • Subscribe/unsubscribe to lists
    • Remove from sequence (or add to another!)
    • Wait between steps
    • Add all kinds of automations

    When you combine Kartra's powerful funnel and campaign builder with all the other tools and gorgeous, high-converting templates Kartra puts at your fingertips, it's now far easier than ever before for you to profitably and quickly grow your business.





    Kartra Mail


    It's never been easier or faster to build and launch email campaigns designed to drive clicks and purchases.

    With Kartra, it's never been easier.

    Select from an assortment of gorgeous, expertly-designed templates and components including hero sections, content blocks, countdown timers, testimonials, video thumbnails and more. Simply drag, drop, copy, paste and type to customize your emails in seconds.

    Behavior-Based Automations
    Kartra lets you turn on a host of automations based on your recipients' behaviors. Automatically send follow-up messages, assign tags, subscribe and unsubscribe to lists, add to marketing sequences, and much more.

    Intelligent Split Testing

    Kartra can automatically split-test your page creative too, switching to whichever version converts the best — automagically.

    Kartra Video


    • Nothing tells and sells like video.
      For marketing your products and offering valuable content to your customers, video is a must-have.


      Kartra gives you premium video marketing capabilities, including:

    • Get all the Analytics and Data you need to know where people are most or least engaged in your video.

    • Upload your marketing and product content videos to Kartra and embed them anywhere — Kartra marketing pages, Kartra membership portals, your Wordpress blogs, or literally any place your heart desires.

    • Add powerful calls to action at any point in the video like Add-to-Cart buttons.

    • Require social liking or sharing on Facebook to unlock viewing or continue watching video.

    • Trigger actions based on viewer behaviors, such as viewing all or part of a video.

    • Automatically assign tags, send follow up messages, subscribe to lists, add to funnels, and much more.

    Kartra Helpdesk



    Happy customers not only buy more, but become evangelists for your products. That's the best kind of marketing.

    Delight your customers with:

    • One-click access to your Helpdesk from your web pages
    • Use your own custom domain.
    • A robust ticketing system to receive, assign and resolve support requests quickly
    • Live chat so customers can interact with you in real time 
    • Availability by email ticket, phone, and Skype
    • A built-in  email reply system 
    • A help-article wiki for commonly asked questions
    • Complete user history at your fingertips  (support requests, purchases, communications, and more) to speed up service
    • Complete Staff Statistics let you know who is doing a great job and who needs to do a better, faster job. You also get complete analytics to help you improve your overall product and business

    Use Kartra's automations to capture requesters as leads, assign tags, subscribe people to lists and sequences, and more.

    • Kartra helps you keep your customers happy and loyal — with a built-in, full-featured helpdesk that lets you deliver spectacular support.




    Kartra Membership Sites


      • Kartra's complete Membership Portal management system makes it easy for you to deliver your content to paid and free members, with a clean, intuitive interface for a premium member experience.

      You'll love how easy it is to build your membership portals in Kartra:

      • Drag and Drop Membership Builder.
      • Design your beautiful, custom-branded membership portal with the simple, drag-and-drop interface.
      • Create multiple membership tiers, each with different content, price points and logins.
      • Upload files and videos for your members to easily access.
      • Embed videos right from Kartra, Vimeo, Wistia or YouTube.
      • Deliver full courses with categories and subcategories.
      • Drip content to your members on a time-release schedule.
      • Feature and link to any of your products right from the portal.
      • Run automations based on customer actions — assign tags, add customers to lists or sequences, subscribe or unsubscribe them to different membership tiers, and much more...

      Kartra Analytics

      FINALLY - Landing Page to Fulfillment to Helpdesk Analytics and more!

      With Kartra You Can Easily Improve What You Measure

      • Kartra integrates the data from its complete set of tools to bring you the most comprehensive marketing analytics you've ever seen — all at a glance.

      • Want to know how every email performed, from opens to clicks to conversions? Kartra tells you.
      • Want to see how well your Kartra marketing pages are converting? Kartra shows you.
      • Want to know if your automations and sequences are driving more sales? It's in Kartra's analytics.
      • Want to see how well your split tested emails and pages are performing against each other? Yup, that's all there too.
      • Or which of your target segment lists are your best customers? Of course it's there.
      • What about how well your helpdesk is performing? Your membership pages? Your video viewership and viewer actions?

      Incredibly, you'll find all of this, and more, in Kartra's analytics — all just a click and a glance away. It's analytics like you've never enjoyed before — completely integrated, accurate and up-to-date, giving you the most complete picture ever of your entire business, from the top level right down to the performance of every individual asset and the journey of every individual customer.

      Affiliate Management


      • Nothing grows your revenue like a network of affiliates spreading the good word about your offerings. And nothing makes it simpler to grow your affiliate network than Kartra.

        Kartra's built-in Affiliate Management System gives you all kinds of options for incentivizing, paying and communicating with your affiliates — all with one-click simplicity:


        • Set commissions globally, by product, and affiliate type. 
        • Finely control how and when affiliates can get paid. 
        • Approve with questionnaires and mandatory terms & conditions.
        • Easily view and approve your affiliate signups.
        • Tag and add affiliates to specific lists.
        • Build beautiful, high-converting, custom landing pages for your affiliates to use.
        • Stay connected to with the built-in affiliate email system.
        • See exactly how well your program is working with real-time affiliate analytics.
        • Affiliate Payout Made simple with Kartra Reports.


        Kartra Commerce



        • Sell Unlimited Products. Create as many products as you like — digital and physical, individual products and memberships.

        • Set multiple price points for each product, and multiple ways to pay for them — one-time, recurring or installments. Add shipping costs and sales tax by region. Include a money-back guarantee.

        • Make your products irresistible with gorgeous product pages. Then, compel your customers to purchase with beautiful checkouts that have been optimized by our marketing experts. 

        • 1-Click-Sales.  With Kartra and Stripe. You can have your customers 1-click on your sales page to buy without going to checkout. If they ever made a purchase using stripe with any other vendor on Kartra, they can buy from you with 1-click just like the App store or Amazon.

        • Offer 1-click upsells and downsells. And tag customers for automatic follow-up if they abandon the cart.

        • Greet purchasers with a custom thank you page, and take them to your membership login to access your products and content.

        • Kartra can also automatically tag your buyers, give them points (lead scoring), add buyers to automated follow-up sequences, and much more.

        • As with everything in Kartra, setting up your full-featured product carts, optimized to convert, is an absolute breeze.

        Cloud Powered


        • Kartra is pure cloud software. That means all you need is an internet connection to use it — on any computer with a web browser. You'll always have the latest, greatest version — with nothing to download, ever.

        With Kartra, you'll get a lot more than what you'd expect from cloud software.


        Because while many cloud software platforms charge you extra for every additional feature, Kartra gives you everything in the regular, low subscription price.


        That's right. We don't charge you extra for every little extra feature you might need. With Kartra, it's all part of the package — every package.

        In fact, the only difference between the Kartra packages is the size of your contact list and the amount of traffic bandwidth. Which means no matter what size of business you have, you always have all of Kartra with you — all the time.

        That's not just cloud software. That's heavenly software.


        Multi-Dimensional Funnels


        How are you going to sell your products, grow your revenue, and achieve the business success you crave? Quite simply, with sales funnels.

        And with Kartra, you're already well ahead of the game, with built-in, market-tested, beautifully-crafted, fully-built funnels, ready for you to use, created by none other than arguably THE foremost guru in the marketing industry, Mr. Frank Kern.

        Everything is already built for you:

        • Emails
        • Landing pages
        • Sales pages
        • Check out pages
        • Thank you pages
        • Follow up automations
        • Behavioral triggers
        • Tag management
        • List management
        • Sample video scripts

        These expert funnels are literally plug-and-play. Simply customize the product names and images — and hit "Activate." Just like that, you're in business.

        Next, start building your own custom funnels with Kartra's ultra-easy, drag-and-drop Sequence Builder.  Like a carpenter's toolbox, the Builder gives you everything you need to build every kind of funnel you can imagine — from the simplest to the most elaborate. 

        • 4-Day Cash Machine — BUILT IN

        • List Builder — BUILT IN

        • Product Launch — BUILT IN

        • Plus, build your own funnels in just minutes — Webinar & Autowebinar, Membership, Call / Application — pretty much anything!

        Product Launches & Promos


        Whether you're launching an education course, a new book, expert consulting, personal training, success coaching, or practically any other product or service you can think of, Kartra gives you the fastest, easiest way to promote and launch your offerings.

        Get a massive jumpstart with Kartra's fully-built, market-proven funnels, plus a suite of quick start assets, and scores of gorgeous templates for pages, emails, checkouts and opt-in forms.

        You'll have everything you need to excite your prospects and compel them to purchase, including:

        • Personalized email campaigns
        • Easy squeeze pages
        • High-converting sales pages
        • Beautiful checkouts
        • Choice of popular payment gateways
        • One-click upsells
        • Goodwill-building thank you pages
        • Video hosting with viewership-based automations and CTAs
        • Full tracking and analytics of all customer actions
        • Behavioral triggers to further engage and entice
        • And much more...
          • "Done For You" product launch funnels

          • Quick start assets — pages, emails, campaigns & more

          • Gorgeous templates — pages, emails, checkouts, opt-ins forms

          • Video hosting with built-in marketing

          • 1-click upsells

          • End-to-end campaign tracking

          Upsells, Downsells,
          Cross Sells, Post-Sale Offers


          Why stop at selling just one product at a time? Add a 1-click upsell to your checkouts. It's easy. Then, Kartra will automatically present a second, more valuable offer to your customers who've just hit the "submit order" button for one of your products.

          Use the same easy process to cross-sell your equally valuable products in complementary or even completely different categories.

          Once someone buys from you, Kartra can instantly place them in an automated post-sale marketing sequence (funnel) to offer them additional products that will benefit them.

          And for those who aren't quite ready to buy a particular product, Kartra can automatically offer them a more entry-level product in your value ladder (the downsell), then enter those prospects into an automated sequence for further trust-building and sales opportunities.

          • Kartra helps you take every opportunity to increase your revenue, with easy ways to offer additional products and bonuses.

          Deliver Content in a Secure Membership Portal


          • Publish your beautiful, engaging membership portal in just minutes, with Kartra's easy drag-and-drop builder.

            Memberships are THE way to deliver your offerings to customers when you've got a collection of content to sell – such as training courses, with videos, podcasts and PDFs.


            Kartra makes it easy for you to deliver and time release (drip) your valuable content to your customers.

            • Create multiple membership tiers, each unlocked by a product purchase, protected by a secure user login.

            • As your customers consume content in each tier, you can cross sell the other tiers in your value ladder.

            • Keep your customers further engaged by dripping content to them on a schedule — consistently stoking their anticipation of the next piece of content coming soon.

            With Kartra's flexibility and simplicity, just imagine how quickly you can grow your business by offering your products in memberships – powered by Kartra.

            Payments, Subscriptions, Sales, Special Offers, Coupons...

            Get the Money!


            • At the end of the day, you're in business to get paid — and that's the absolute beauty of Kartra.

            On top of all of Kartra's business-boosting marketing goodness, Kartra is, first and foremost, an incredible system for getting you paid.

            Accept payments with all the major gateways: PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net and Braintree.


            Exclusive feature. You can have EZ Installments on with annual plans. e.g. — 3 monthly payments of $197 billed annually. This is the bridge between monthly and annual. Allow your customers monthly flexibility with an annual plan.


            Choose from a vast array of pricing and payment options. Charge a one-time fee. Make your products easier to buy with the option to pay in smaller installments. Or, offer subscriptions with recurring payments. 

            Launch with an introductory trial price that converts to a full subscription price after a given time period.

            Easily run promotions too, with coupons, which run and expire whenever you like.

            With all these options and more, you can easily identify the payment methods that best convert your prospects into customers.

            Email Absolutely Unleashed

            • The key to sparking conversations and growing your relationships with customers?  Email. There's no more powerful path to your buyers.

            That's why Kartra includes a best-of-breed email campaign system — giving you everything you'd expect from the leading standalone email systems out there — on top of all the other first-class marketing tool Kartra packs in.


            Finely target your recipients with Kartra's rich tagging and lists. And schedule your emails to go out to them whenever you like. 


            And don't just send plain emails. Send gorgeous emails designed to convert with Kartra's professionally crafted templates.


            But the true genius of Kartra's email system is how it tracks and acts on your readers' actions. Thanks to its powerful automations, Kartra will follow up with your customers for you, based on whether or not they open your emails and click on a link.


            You can also have Kartra automatically assign tags to prospects to further segment them, subscribe/unsubscribe them to lists and campaign sequences, add/subtract points to their lead scores, and much more.


            With Kartra, there's nothing holding you back. 
            That's what email — absolutely unleashed — looks like.

            Automate Your Marketing Campaigns


            With Kartra, you have the power of an army of marketers, tirelessly working for you night and day.

            That's right. Kartra makes it fantastically simple for you to construct automated campaigns that do absolutely all the work for you – email sends, follow-ups, opt-ins, sales, post-sales follow-ups, subscriptions, tagging, analytics tracking, even split-testing and optimization — all on intelligent autopilot. 

            Kartra's easy Sequence Builder lets you easily build any size sales funnels — from the simplest to the most elaborate — just by dragging objects to a canvas and configuring them with the intuitive help wizard. In just minutes, you'll have your first automated campaigns up and running to engage your customers.

            But you don't even need to build your own funnels to get started. Because Kartra gives you a suite of custom-crafted, market-tested, plug-and-play funnels that are ready to launch — written, designed, refined and proven by renowned internet marketing gurus. Just change the product names and images and hit "Activate." Then sit back and watch the magic happen.

            With Kartra automating your marketing, you can get back to what you really want to do — create and deliver your awesome products.

            • Turn on the fully-automatic marketing machine that sells for you 24/7. Use Kartra's "done for you" sales funnels or easily create your own.


              Kartra will handle the rest!

            Lead Scoring:

            What's The Point?


              • Use Kartra lead scoring to automatically identify your best customers for further promotions, and to feature in case studies to promote to more hot prospects. 

              Many of the more expensive marketing software platforms make a big deal about lead scoring and how important it is, but don't necessarily make it easy for you to reap the benefits.


              Kartra, on the other hand, brings all the benefits of lead scoring right to you — automatically.


              Easily set Kartra to automatically add point scores to every interaction a lead or customer has with your emails, web pages, membership portals, helpdesks, videos, and of course, your product checkouts. 


              At any time, you'll see at a glance who has the highest scores. These are your most engaged leads and customers — the ones who are most receptive to your offers and promotions — and are primed to provide even more revenue opportunity to you.


              Go a step further. Turn those engaged customers into awesome case studies. And use those to demonstrate the genuine benefits of your products to more great customers.



              Lead Generation &
              List Building


              • Instantly build high-converting squeeze pages and opt-in forms to bring in the leads, and have Kartra automatically manage them for you.

              Kartra is specifically designed to help you quickly grow a great list of qualified leads and customers.

              First, create your "lead magnets" – valuable content you'll offer for free to attract prospects to sign up.


              Then, use one of Kartra's instant templates to set up gorgeous, high-converting "squeeze pages," complete with a compelling opt-in form, to capture leads.

              Next, have Kartra automatically manage your leads for you as they come in. Easily set up automations to assign tags to your new leads, subscribe them to lists, and enter them into your marketing sequences (funnels). 

              Then, promote your lead magnets on your blog, in social media, within your referral network, and with paid online advertising.

              Bonus: use Kartra's Intelligent Split Testing to automatically try different versions of emails and squeeze pages and select those that are converting the best for you.

              Then, sit back, relax, and watch the qualified leads start rolling in.

              Video Marketing with Behavioral Tagging


                • Kartra's Calls to Action and Behavioral Tagging let you get the full marketing value of your videos.

                Video is one of your core marketing assets. It's fantastic for demonstrating benefits to your customers, gaining their trust and boosting conversions.

                Ordinary video hosting plays your videos and provides some viewer statistics. 

                Kartra video hosting lets you add compelling CTAs — opt-in forms, banners, captions and buttons, and even "share on social to unlock," — at any point in the video you choose.

                That alone gives you a powerful marketing advantage. But Kartra doesn't stop there.

                Kartra truly shines in its ability to automatically tag viewers based on their behaviors — visiting a video page, watching (or not watching) a portion of a video, or executing a call to action.


                Here's the best part: tags can instantly activate automations — email followups, entry into a special offer funnel, list subscriptions, and more — to help turn your leads into your customers

                And of course, all of this is tracked in Kartra's analytics, so you can see in real time how your videos are doing. It's exactly what you'd expect from a true video marketing platform.

                Build an Affiliate Army


                What if you had a whole army of affiliates promoting your products?

                Kartra makes it easy to cultivate and motivate affiliates with its built-in, robust Affiliate Program Management system.

                Use Kartra's drag-and-drop page builder and templates to build a world-class affiliate and JV promotional page, and integrate the affiliate signup process right into the page.

                Screen potential affiliates with your own questionnaire and mandatory terms and conditions. Manage W9s and w8BENs if required. Easily review and approve affiliates with a click, assign tags and lists to them upon signup for future promotions, and give them a login and affiliate link to get going.

                Then, custom tailor your program however you like! Set commissions by dollar or percentage; by products, product ranges or all products; even by individual affiliates. Also set sales threshold milestones and payment milestones. Even pay commissions for new email subscribers as well as sales. And pay commissions by PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net and Braintree.

                Of course, Kartra gives you comprehensive, at-a-glance analytics for your entire program, as well as every individual affiliate. So you easily reward your highest performers and see how your overall program is doing.

                And, to help you grow your army even more, list your products in the Kartra Affiliate Marketplace, where our entire universe of Kartra users can view your products and sign up to help sell them for you!

                • Easily attract, incentivize, and manage your affiliates with Kartra's complete Affiliate Management System.

                Track Clicks and Turn Pennies into Dollars

                  • Kartra gives you the most complete analytics anywhere, instantly readable in at-a-glance dashboards.

                  “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”


                  Without complete analytics, there's no way to know if you're investing your marketing wisely, or simply wasting it.

                  Traditionally, it's been next to impossible to get complete analytics. 

                  That's because marketers like you have been forced to cobble together multiple platforms for different functions — email campaigns, marketing pages, membership portals, shopping carts, affiliate management — each with their own limited analytics, and each not easily sharing data with each other — if they share at all. 

                  Kartra changes all of that. Forever.

                  Kartra combines all of the marketing tools you need in one platform, and seamlessly integrates comprehensive statistics from each function to give you the most complete picture of your marketing ROI you've ever seen.


                  With Kartra, you'll always have an accurate, actionable gauge of where your money is driving clicks — and where you should be pinching pennies.



                  Kartra Saves You Money


                  LET'S DO THE MATH

                  First, let’s tally the costs of all those separate software platforms you used to have to buy. Each one can easily cost over $100 a month. Let’s say you’re able to get by with just six different platforms for your emailing, marketing pages, shopping carts, funnel building, affiliate management, and video hosting. 

                  • 12 months x $100 times x six platforms: $7,200
                  • 12 months of Kartra Silver all-in-one software: under $2,400

                  Kartra just saved you $4,800 a year. For less than the cost of most single apps, Kartra gives you the functionality of all of them.


                  What's more, with Kartra’s drag-and-drop page and email builders, plus tons of gorgeous design templates, you won’t have to pay a graphic designer ever again. You just saved a few thousand more.


                  What about all those costly integrations to get your different platforms to share data and give you meaningful analytics? How many thousands of dollars would you have to pay a programmer to make it all work? You’ll save that too.


                  Add it all up, and you could easily save over $10,000 a year in fees.

                  WHAT'S YOUR TIME WORTH?

                  Your time is priceless. And thanks to Kartra, just think of all the time you won’t be wasting on:

                  • Researching and test-driving countless software choices
                  • Learning different platforms
                  • Logging back and forth between all your different software
                  • Trying to integrate those platforms
                  • Trying to make sense of their different data sets
                  • Designing marketing pages and emails

                  The above could literally add up to hundreds of hours a year.


                  Now, at the hourly rate you think you deserve as a business owner, how much does that add up to in dollars?


                  What’s more, how might you better spend all that time you just saved to drive up your profits? Such as building more revenue-generating products and crafting the highest-converting funnels?


                  Kartra gives you a whole lot more time to do that.


                  Banish Frustration

                  As an online business owner, you've faced the mighty struggle of putting together a marketing software solution that works.


                  You’ve had to duct-tape as many as a dozen apps or more, culled from the thousands of choices out there, to get your business off the ground.


                  From marketing pages and email campaigns, to membership sites, affiliate management and of course your shopping cart, you've been forced to assemble a complex machine from a bunch of parts that were never designed to work together. Frustrating, we know.


                  Well now you can say good riddance to the frustration. Never again will you have to research and cobble together a hodgepodge of software, with their separate logins, data integration hassles, and the ridiculous cost of subscribing to them all.


                  SAY HELLO TO KARTRA.


                  Kartra seamlessly integrates all the essential marketing tools your business needs in one super-easy, radically-affordable platform, blissfully ready to boost your bottom line from the very first login.

                  The Power of UNITY

                  Kartra's systems are weaved together to form a Sum of Power greater than its individual parts. This unified structure offers unmatched visibility into every aspect of your business and marketing operations.




                  Got Questions?

                  We Got Answers

                  Get answers to common questions about Kartra here


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                  Do I need design skills?

                  Do I need coding skills?

                  What are the system requirements?

                  Can I cancel?

                  Can I use my own domain?

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                  What does the monthly bandwidth include?

                  How secure is Kartra?

                  How reliable is Kartra?

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