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Done For You Campaigns

Launch legendary campaigns with the push of a button.

Kartra's world-class marketing team has teamed up with some of the biggest names in the marketing world to exclusively to bring you these elite funnels. You won't find this kind of turn-key, plug-and-play marketing power ANYWHERE ELSE. Only in Kartra.


Just go to the Campaigns section of Kartra and click the
"Done For You" link to launch these complete, fully-pre-built, pre-written, pre-designed, ready-to-launch campaigns — devised and tested (they're the most popular funnels on the Web) straight from the biggest names in marketing to your desktop. 


Of course, these DONE-FOR-YOU campaigns include all the assets you need, pre-designed and written with world-class copy, including emails, landing pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, checkouts, and more. Just insert your own product names, images, and pricing, and you're ready to go.


Most powerfully, these campaigns have been completely set up for you with all the required lists, tags and marketing automation sequences to help you track customers and close sales. When we say everything is already built out for you, we mean EVERYTHING.


And this is just the beginning! Stay tuned as we continue to add more elite-level funnels, completely done for you by some of today's foremost Internet Marketing Gurus all ready to launch at the push of a button.

  • 4-Day Cash Machine

    This world-famous funnel has been custom-crafted to help generate revenue for you in a fast, four-day campaign that WORKS. Exclusively in Kartra.

  • Quick Launch

    This funnel does just what it says — and it's ready to help you launch a new product fast and PROFITABLY.

  • Book Funnel

    Press a button and get all the pages, order forms, and even copy templates built for you in minutes so you can start selling your book FAST.

  • List Builder

    Quickly build your most powerful marketing asset — your email list — with a powerfully elegant, simple opt-in campaign driven by a give-away.

It's like having the world's leading Internet Marketing experts writing and designing your funnels for you. Because they just did. 

Kartra Saves You Money

Save thousands of dollars a year with Kartra.

Let’s do the math, shall we?

First, let’s tally the costs of all those separate software platforms you used to have to buy. Each one can easily cost over $100 a month. Let’s say you’re able to get by with just 6 different platforms for your emailing, marketing pages, shopping carts, funnel building, affiliate management, and video hosting. 

  • 12 months x $100 x 6 platforms: $7,200

  • 12 months of Kartra Silver all-in-one software: under $2,400

Kartra just saved you $4,800 a year. For less than the cost of most single apps, Kartra gives you the functionality of all of them.


What's more, with Kartra’s drag-and-drop page and email builders, plus tons of gorgeous design templates, you won’t have to pay a graphic designer ever again. You just saved a few thousand more.


What about all those costly integrations to get your different platforms to share data and give you meaningful analytics? How many thousands of dollars would you have to pay a programmer to make it all work? You’ll save that too.

Add it all up, and you could easily save over $10,000 a year in fees.

What’s your time worth?

Your time is priceless. And thanks to Kartra, just think of all the time you won’t be wasting on:

  • Researching and test-driving countless software choices

  • Learning different platforms

  • Logging back and forth between all your different software

  • Trying to integrate those platforms

  • Trying to make sense of their different data sets

  • Designing marketing pages and emails

The above could literally add up to hundreds of hours a year.


Now, at the hourly rate you think you deserve as a business owner, how much does that add up to in dollars?


What’s more, how might you better spend all that time you just saved to drive up your profits? Such as building more revenue-generating products and crafting the highest-converting funnels?

Kartra gives you a whole lot more time to do that.

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