Drag and drop sequence builder interface
  • Drag, drop and connect

    Why complicate things? Simply drag the different events into the canvas and connect the flow with arrows. Easy!

  • Runs on autopilot for you, 24-7-365

  • As simple or complex as you need it to be

  • YES and NO booleans

  • Track them all along the way!

  • Mark the triggers. Establish the consequences.

    Causes and consequences. If THIS, do THAT. A yin to every yang. You know how it works: If you want to create a custom automation, all you need to do is listing your trigger rules and desired consequences.

  • Stack them up!

Kartra interface with options to add automations based on email recipient actions
Four graphics representing different campaigns. One is being imported
  • Plug-and-play campaigns

  • Import campaigns from other Kartra members!

Kartra interface with campaign marketplace