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Sales Tax
Checkout form with options for credit card or PayPal
Simplify your sales process
Checkout with credit card or Paypal
Cater to diverse customers by offering multiple payment methods through a seamless payment processor. Our intuitive shopping cart software and user-friendly checkout process makes it hassle-free.
Tailored trial, pricing, and payment options
Explore varied pricing structures, from one-time purchases and installment plans to subscription-based services. Kartra caters to diverse customer preferences, offering options like a 14-day free trial, a $1 introductory month followed by $99 monthly subscriptions, or even a $500 setup fee combined with a $99 per month first-year subscription.
Dynamic promotions & coupon management
Leverage the power of coupons and promotions to seal the deal. Set up, schedule, and target promotions for specific customers and ensure an effective and timely push towards conversions
Sales Tax
Kartra product checkout configuration interface
Simplify your accounting with automated sales tax calculation
Selling physical products
Shipping nationally or internationally? Specify shipping options and shipping rates for each country seamlessly.
Sales tax and european VAT covered
Kartra calculates and adds sales tax/VAT automatically during checkout. Simplify your accounting with downloadable Excel reports.
Geographical auto-detection
Kartra Checkouts recognize user locations, pre-defining shipping costs and sales tax accordingly
Checkout language and currency adaptation
Catering to international customers? Kartra Checkouts offer instant translations in 12 languages and support over 20 currencies for smooth transactions.
Sales Tax
Kartra product checkout configuration interface.
Modify your checkout process with custom fields
Personalize the checkout experience
Gather specific customer details like "Proficiency level," "Preferred contact method," or any custom information you need for better engagement.
Versatile for multiple SKUs
Effortlessly manage various product variations, sizes, or colors, allowing users to select their preferred SKU with ease.
Streamline order processing
Automate the forwarding of order details directly to your delivery manager, fulfillment house, or warehouse upon transaction for instant processing.
Sales Tax
Profile currency and privacy settings interface.
Secure your payments with compliance and protection
PCI compliance
Ensuring adherence to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for secure credit card handling and processing.
GDPR compliance
Adhering to stringent data protection standards, our GDPR Compliance guarantees lawful and transparent handling of user data.
256-Bit encryption protocol
Securing all credit card transactions with a robust 256-bit encrypted protocol and SSL certificate, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Sell unlimited products Empower your business with an extensive online store, offering boundless possibilities through our versatile digital product platform.
  • Auto-fill returning customer info Enhance customer satisfaction with seamless checkout process and real-time transaction.
  • Create customized checkouts Choose your preferred checkout options, from full-page experiences to quick and convenient.
  • Advanced sales techniques Boost revenue and engage customers dynamically through offer upsells, downsells, and order bumps.
  • Automatically tag buyers Efficiently manage customer data and behaviors through intelligent customer management and insightful customer data tagging.
  • Flexible payment options Maximize sales potential with varied payment solutions and adaptable subscription models optimized for your audience.
  • Graph with product sales analytics
  • 256-Bit encryption Rest assured with our iron-clad 256-bit encryption on all checkout pages with top-notch SSL certificate security for your transactions.
  • Optimized for mobile devices From desktops to smartphones, Kartra’s pages maintain their stunning appeal across all devices for an impeccable viewing experience.
  • Captivating checkout designs Entice customers with visually appealing product pages and seamlessly drive conversions with beautifully crafted checkout designs, optimized by our marketing.
  • Diverse array of templates Select from dozens of professionally designed, free templates within your Kartra plan, each expertly crafted to boost conversion rates.
  • Flexible and customizable Tailor your checkout experience—upload your logo, apply branding elements, and fine-tune layouts and on-page features.
  • Choose your checkout style Whether it's a full-page checkout with a dedicated URL or a sleek pop-up form, Kartra offers versatile options to suit your preferences.
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