Sign-up form for a newsletter with a video header
  • Dozens of stunning templates

    Choose from 50+ professional and high converting designs, all perfectly mobile responsive!

  • Form "memory" for quick auto-fill

  • Your own custom fields

    The secret to laser-target list segmentation: custom fields! Configure any type you wish: custom text inputs, drop downs, radio buttons, check boxes, etc.

  • Tag your leads upon form submit

    Trigger specific actions based on their form input: assign them a unique tag, or subscribe them to a particular mailing list, or trigger a custom automation, etc.

  • Embed in pages, videos or your own site

    You can equally have a Kartra Form pop on a Kartra Page, or mid-way through a video play. Or, of course, embed it in your own site.

  • Single vs. double opt-in

    Want an extra level of confirmation from your customer sign-ups? Activate the double opt-in feature and have them confirm their email address.

Drag and drop page builder with templates for opt-in forms
  • Deep profiling

    Create your own fields to capture custom details from your users: income bracket, level of education, number of children, etc. Gathering targeted data from your leads will allow you to fine-tune your marketing message.

  • All types of custom fields

Opt-in form with a dropdown menu that has customized options
Page mock-ups with different options for presenting opt-in forms.

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