• Single sign-on

    Single sign-on credentials. That's everything your customer needs to access any membership site he's registered for. Just one password to rule them all!

  • Multiple membership tiers

Membership login form
Membership interface
  • Evergreen memberships: release content on a timed schedule upon signup

  • Automated email notifications

Webinar analytics interface
Comment section with multiple comments and replies
  • Answer all their questions

    Kartra Memberships' comment section enables you to interact and respond promptly to your users' questions and feedback

  • Moderation and comment approval

  • Member status

    Green or red - active or cancelled. It's as easy as that.

  • Global styles

A list of members who belong to a membership
A page with login options for multiple memberships
  • All your memberships in one place

    If you have more than one membership site, bundle them into a portal: a centralized dashboard to all your courses.

  • Cross-selling heaven

Membership analytics interface
Various membership templates in different colors

Drag And Drop membership builder

100% mobile optimized*

Flexible and customizable