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Multi-site Portal
Access control for membership levels
Drip your content on autopilot.
Evergreen memberships
Drip-feed content to your member directory on a schedule, so every user, whether they sign up today or a year from now, experiences your membership portal in a fresh way.
Automated email notifications
When new content is unlocked for a member, they'll receive an automated email. This ensures they won't miss new members-only content.
Schedule content ahead of time
Sometimes it’s easier to do your tasks all at once. Prepare your membership portal content in advance and schedule automated, date-specific publishing.
Multi-site Portal
Kartra membership configuration interface
Moderate and support your customers with Kartra’s functionality.
Answer all their questions
Kartra’s comment section forums let you interact and respond promptly to your users' questions and feedback.
Moderation and comment approval
Determine which comments are approved, which ones are moderated away, and which ones are held for further review.
Assign a community staff member
You don't need to do everything yourself. Assign someone on your team a member profile with admin permissions. They can moderate the community for you.
Multi-site Portal
Kartra membership configuration interface.
Manage your membership community with ease.
Member status
Green = active. Red = canceled. It's that simple. And membership renewals are automated to make member status even easier.
Global styles
Apply the same logo, colors and even custom styles to all pages within your site.
Global tracking codes
No need to copy and paste a tracking code on every single page. One single paste will embed it everywhere.
Global SEO
Boost your SEO rankings by having Google recognize your entire site and not just a handful of segregated pages.
Multi-site Portal
Membership portal with multiple memberships.
Access multiple membership sites from one portal.
All your memberships in one place
Showcase your memberships on a centralized dashboard with all your courses and make it easier to navigate your content.
Upsell other membership programs
Your users can discover all your membership sites — even those they haven't registered for yet. It's the perfect opportunity to gain extra sales with minimal extra work.
Single sign-on to everything
No more password management nightmares. Each user has one unified login credential for every registered membership, making sign-ons so much simpler.
  • Subscriptions Manage your membership subscriptions and contact information with our intuitive tools.
  • Free memberships & paid Create tiered membership levels with varying price points and unique content.
  • Online courses Keep member engagement high with online courses that resonate with your audience.
  • Email marketing Manage your membership subscriptions and contact information with our intuitive tools.
  • Special offers and trials Entice new members with coupons and limited time deals.
  • Member progress tracking Check in on your member data to make sure onboarding is going well and your membership website wellness remains.
  • No transaction fees You work hard for your money. Kartra wants you to keep it all.
  • Content dripping No need for release date spreadsheets – release content at your preferred pace.
  • Multimedia content Upload digital downloads, videos, and audio; host live webinars for your members.
  • Graph with membership engagement analytics
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