Kartra interface with options to customize video configuration
  • Tag them along the way

    Imagine you start pitching your offer 60% into the video... You could apply a tag "Has seen offer" to all leads staying past the 60% time stamp.

  • Give them a second chance!

Kartra interface with options to add tags to users based on how much of a video they watched
Video player mockups with different call to actions showing on the video

Timed opt-in forms

Timed checkout buttons

Optional vs. mandatory

Video playlist with Kartra videos
Kartra interface with a grid of videos
  • Kartra hosts and streams your video files

    No need to find any external hosting solution. Simply upload them to Kartra and let us handle the heavy lifting.

  • Centralized management

Different device screen mockups with responsive video player
Kartra interface with analytics on video engagement

Watch rates vs drop out rates