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User-friendly video hosting for all platforms

Sales, subscriptions, special offers, trials, coupons...

Host & stream unlimited videos

Upload your videos directly to Kartra for simple video hosting.

Centralized management

Great for marketing teams – access all your videos through one global console.

Optimized for every device and browser

From desktops to mobile, and Chrome to Safari, your content shines across the board.

Create videos with control

Customize your video settings how you see fit and share them on social media platforms to maximize your reach.

Seamless viewer tagging

Track the interactions your leads have with your videos and unlock more marketing mojo.

Tag video viewers for targeted marketing

Tag viewers based on their interactions like those who have seen a specific offer.

Win back your audience

Re-engage viewers who leave mid-video with follow-up emails encouraging them to finish.

Recognize loyalty

Send engaged viewers congratulatory messages and links to the next video.
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video playlist interface

Create video playlists effortlessly

Sometimes one video isn’t enough to cover a topic. This is where Kartra’s video playlists shine. Navigation and video organization make it easy to access your content.
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  • Embed or pop-up window

    Whether you want to embed your video straight into your web page, or to load it inside a pop up window, it's as simple as ticking the corresponding box.
  • Watermark branding

    Your videos are your intellectual property. Make your mark by branding them with your own logo.
  • Dynamic viewer interactions

    From personalized tags to targeted playlists, make your videos a two-way conversation.
  • User tagging

    Understand your audience better by categorizing viewers as prospects, leads, or loyal customers.
  • Playlists and autoplay

    Seamlessly transition from one video to the next in a series — perfect for courses and training programs.
  • Subtitles

    Upload a text transcript of your video to let viewers enjoy closed captions.
  • Customizable look and feel

    Personalize your video player with fonts and templates to match your site’s professional branding.
  • Total control

    Choose autoplay, mute, and custom thumbnails and optimize for marketing campaigns with social media.
  • Video hosting

    Host any type of video: tutorials, animated videos – even screen recordings of slideshows.
  • Kartra video analytics interface
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