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All your clients in one centralized view


When you manage multiple client accounts, you definitely want an "at a glance" view from where to manage, track and log-in to each of them without a fuzz. It saves so much time!

  • Quick analytics

    Follow the most important metrics for each account in real time for a quick overview of their performance.

  • Secure master login

    No need to remember a bunch of passwords for all your client accounts: simply log in straight from your master account via our secure one-click login process.

  • Everything under one billing profile

    You don't want to keep track of multiple billing profiles for each of your client accounts. We make your life easier by centralizing all accounts under one unified billing profile. Simple, uh?

  • Buy client accounts at a discount!

    As your agency grows, you can easily add client accounts to your portfolio from this centralized dashboard. And, as an agency, you are automatically granted a 40% discount on every client account you purchase!

  • Create login credentials for your clients

    If you want to let your clients co-manage their accounts, you may create, at your discretion, login credentials with custom permissions.

  • Generate reports for your clients

    Your clients will ask you about their account performance, no doubt about it. Kartra generates personalized reports for each client so they can review their account key metrics!

You can activate and deactivate client accounts at any time.

You are always in control

  • You own the accounts

    In Kartra Agency, you (the agency) are the owner and manager of the accounts. That means that if any of your clients stops paying the retainer for your services, you can suspend (and reactivate) their account at will.

  • You decide whom to grant access 

    You're the only one who can create access credentials for your client accounts. If you prefer to co-manage the accounts with the clients, you can create an unrestricted login credential for your client. Otherwise, if you'd rather not give them access at all, or to restrict their permissions, you can also set it up that away.


    Remember: your Agency, your rules!

  • Kartra will always lean on your side

    Unfortunately, life happens in business, and some deals occasionally turn sour.


    In case of a dispute between an agency and a client, Kartra's policy is to always lean on the side of the legal owner of the account... Yes, that is you.

Keeping your billing simple

We want to make your life (and your accountant's!) as simple as possible.


For that reason, you won't need a separate billing profile for each of your client accounts. Instead, your agency portfolio will be governed by one unified billing profile.


As a result, you will be able to buy client accounts in bulk through one single credit card. Moreover, if you want to update your card info for all your accounts at once, one single form will suffice. Plus, you will be able to download their respective invoices from one centralized dashboard.


You know, as an agency you should spend your time growing your clients' businesses and not weeding through tons of paperwork. Kartra Agency makes sure your focus is where it should be.

Your entire client portfolio handled through one unified billing profile. More productivity, less paperwork!

Client reports


Let your clients extract, in real time, the metrics relevant to their account performance. Keep them in the loop without you having to crunch any data whatsoever for them!

Your clients will be reaching out periodically asking for updates on their account performance. As an agency, communicating with them and keeping them informed will be a pivotal part of your daily bread and butter. To this point, you'd basically have two options: either you give your clients access to their account so they check the charts by themselves, or you feed them with the essential metrics most relevant to them.


To help you in this regard, Kartra Agency automatically generates a segregated report, on an account by account basis, where your clients will see their account sales, revenue, page visitors, leads generated, etc. Best part: it updates in real time and they can refresh it as often as they like, liberating you from the data-crunching chore!

Brand your agency!

You work hard to provide the best possible service to your clients, and you want your agency to generate a buzz for itself. Basically, you want to build brand recognition for your clients and, certainly, for yourself.


Kartra Agency embeds your agency branding at the footer of every email you send on behalf of your client. It's subtle, non-clickable and non-intrusive, but it sure does get the job done to spread your name as a quality service provider. Chances are that some of the recipients of those emails might be qualified prospects for your agency service, so let your work open up that door for you!


Every bit of publicity helps... especially if it's free and viral!

Your branding will be embedded at the footer of every mail sent on behalf of your clients.

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