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Build the perfect sales funnel


"Can I create advanced sales funnels in Kartra?" This is a question we often get at our helpdesk... Of course you can! In fact, it's easier than in any other platform because in Kartra ALL the different pillars of a funnel (pages, optin forms, checkout, mailing, lead tagging, memberships, etc) are already interconnected within one single ecosystem!

  • Pages

    Every page built in Kartra Pages can be interconnected in the exact multi-page funnel flow you need.

  • The sequence builder

    An open canvas to drag-and-drop your marketing genius into a money-making reality.

  • IFs and THENs automations

    Define a rulebook to govern your marketing strategy and gain control of all possible scenarios.

  • Emails

    Leverage the power of Kartra Mail to incorporate advanced email sequences into your campaign.

  • Lead tagging

    Profile your prospects as they advance through your funnel, segmenting them into laser-targeted subgroups.

  • Plug-and-play campaigns

    Kartra comes with a bunch of pre-made marketing campaigns built by our world-class marketers. Profit from them!

Sometimes it helps having a visual mind map of your marketing strategy. Dump your brain juices into the canvas!

The sequence builder


  • Drag, drop and connect

    Why complicate things? Simply drag the different events into the canvas and connect the flow with arrows. Easy!

  • Runs on autopilot for you, 24-7-365

    Once you've defined the sequence flow, Kartra will run it all by itself, around the clock. 

  • As simple or complex as you need it to be

    A simple 3-email welcome campaign? Few clicks and you got it. A full blown-out product launch? Absolutely! No matter the complexity, Kartra Sequences will follow your pace.

  • YES and NO booleans

    Define alternative paths depending on YES and NO rules. For example: you might want to send your users down a different path depending on whether they have the tag "paid customer" or "free prospect".

  • Track them all along the way!

    Kartra tracks them as they travel along the sequence. You will be able to know how many people are, in real time, in each particular step. Or what percentage of your users make it all the way to the end. Or what the most common exit point is. Etc. With Kartra Sequences, you will have the full overview!

The rules to govern the flow


You probably have a clear idea of what your business' marketing strategy should be about. However, knowing HOW to make it happen is a whole different story. Kartra solves that riddle!

  • Mark the triggers. Establish the consequences.

    Causes and consequences. If THIS, do THAT. A yin to every yang. You know how it works: If you want to create a custom automation, all you need to do is listing your trigger rules and desired consequences.

  • Stack them up!

    You may stack conditions to form advanced rules, which will further allow you to craft your marketing strategy exactly the way you envisioned it!

Every possible action you can dream of for your marketing campaign is, literally, just one automation away.

Browse the marketplace, review the funnels, pick your favorite, import the contents, and... you've got a brand new funnel deployed in your account!

Done-for-you campaigns

Sometimes, you just don't need to re-invent the wheel. Instead, you could simply benefit from time-proven campaigns created by expert marketers. Kartra allows you to import, with the click of a button, fully-built funnels ready for action!

  • Plug-and-play campaigns

    Some of the world's top online marketers, such as Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins, have uploaded their best marketing campaigns for Kartra customers to import at will: the famous Four Day Cash Machine, the Book Publisher Model, the Quick Launch campaign, etc. 


    These campaigns have generated millions of dollars of revenue online, and now they're available to you in your Kartra account!

  • Import campaigns from other Kartra members!

    We're proud of our Kartra community. Some of the best ready-made campaigns have indeed been built by our own members.


    Guess what? You can import those campaigns (if they have made them public through our marketplace), and benefit from the collective brain power of many other like-minded online marketers.

Share them with others!


If you're a seasoned marketer and other members could benefit from your expertise, Kartra allows you to export your funnels and campaigns directly from your account to theirs.

  • Export on demand

    Say that you're a marketing consultant, a web designer or a copywriter offering your services to paying clients. Great, let's make things easy for you! 


    You can create all the different assets for the job in your own Kartra account: page designs, email sequence campaigns, etc. Then, once ready for delivery, you can deploy them right into your customer's Kartra account.


    No need to share passwords or to log into anyone's account. Just export it directly into their account. Clean and simple!

  • Campaign marketplace

    If you want to take it up a notch, and make your campaigns and funnels available to thousands of other Kartra users, then our Campaign Marketplace is your destination.


    Offer them either as a free download or for a price! Kartra will handle the payment and the delivery automatically. You focus on creating those amazing campaigns, and Kartra takes care of the logistics. Convenient, uh?

You create the marketing content and Kartra provides the exposure to thousands of users.

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