Kartra Checkouts


As with everything in Kartra, setting up your full-featured product carts, optimized to convert, is an absolute breeze.

Everything you need to sell products & services online

  • Sell unlimited products

    Sell unlimited products or services: digital, physical, individual products, memberships and training courses, etc.

  • Multiple price points

    Set multiple price points for each product, and multiple ways to pay for them: one-time, recurring or installments.

  • Gorgeous checkout pages

    Make your products irresistible with gorgeous product pages. Then, compel your customers to purchase with beautiful checkouts that have been optimized by our marketing experts.

  • 1-Click transactions

    Kartra remembers previous users and customers so, next time they visit your checkout page, everything will be pre-filled and ready for them to click the "Confirm Order" button.

  • Automatically tag your buyers

    Kartra can also tag your buyers automatically, give them points (lead scoring), add buyers to a customer list or an automated follow-up sequence, and much more.

  • Upsells, downsells and order bumps

    Why stop with the first sale? Maximize your dollar-per-customer ratio by adding upsells, downsells and last minute "add on" offers!

Sales, subscriptions, special offers, trials, coupons...
Get the money!


On top of all of its business-boosting marketing goodness, Kartra is, first and foremost, an incredible checkout system to convert prospects into paying customers.

  • Credit card or Paypal

    Give flexibility to your customers so they can pay however they prefer, which in return will increase your conversions.

  • One-time sales, recurring payment subscriptions and finite installments

    No matter what you sell, you will be able to configure the exact pricing structure you need. For example: you can offer your customers the possibility to pay a $97 one-time payment, or a payment plan at 3 monthly payments of $39.

  • Trials and initial payments

    Want to offer a 14-day free trial? No problem! How about a $1 trial for the first month, followed by $99 per month? Absolutely! And what about $500 set up fee followed by $99 per month for the first year? You got it!

  • Special promotions and discount coupons

    Coupons and promos are excellent mechanisms to close the deal. With Kartra Checkouts, you can easily set them up, assign an expiration date, show them only to specific customers, etc.

At the end of the day, you're in business to transact sales, and Kartra makes it happen!

All the flexibility you need to manage your customers and their paying subscriptions.

Manage existing customers

  • Modify pricing and coupons

    Turn an unhappy customer by offering a temporary discount midway through their subscription, or move him up/down to a different price tier altogether.

  • Reschedule payment dates

    Maybe a customer needs a few more days to pay their monthly membership? No worries, just give him an extension on their next payment date.

  • Edit payment options

    Edit or update customer credit cards through our secure portal. Moreover, Kartra minimizes churn by notifying your customers in advance when their card is about to expire.

  • Freeze subscriptions until further notice

    Say a customer is not quite ready to take advantage of your services yet, but you don't want to lose him for good. How about pausing his subscription on stand-by until further notice, giving him (and yourself) a chance to continue doing business in the future.

Upsells, downsells, cross sales and order bumps


Kartra Checkouts helps you take every opportunity to increase your revenue, with easy ways to offer additional products and bonuses.

Upsells, downsells and cross sales


Why stop at selling just one product at a time? Add a 1-click upsell to your checkouts. It's easy! Kartra Checkouts will automatically present a second, more valuable offer to your customers so they can add it to the cart.

Use the same easy process to cross-sell your equally valuable products in complementary or even completely different categories.

Plus, if you so choose, Kartra can subscribe buyers to an automated post-sale marketing sequence (autoresponder) to offer them additional products from your portfolio.

And for those who aren't quite ready to buy a particular product, Kartra Checkouts can automatically offer them a more entry-level product in your value ladder (the downsell). That way, you increase your chances to convert a free prospect into a paying customer.

Order bumps


An order bump is a last minute "add-on" offer your customers can add to the cart right before completing their order. The idea is to offer them a complementary product or service to maximize the dollar-per-customer ratio.


As usual, order bumps are both easy for you to configure, and for your customers to benefit from: they simply need to tick a checkbox and the bump offer will be automatically added to their cart!

Counting your pennies!


Kartra crunches all the data so you don't have to. All sales are registered in real time and will be displayed in your console as they happen!

  • Sales, rebills, refunds and cancellations

    The A-B-C of revenue tracking: how many transactions are coming in, and how many are being cancelled out.

  • Active subscriptions and average retention

    Know at all times how many recurring payment subscriptions are active, and how long on average they remain active for. Very useful to forecast your monthly revenue.

  • Customer lifetime value

    Probably the most important metric for any business. Knowing how much one customer is worth to your overall bottom line is fundamental if you run paid lead acquisition campaigns.

  • Long term vs. short average

    Are your numbers improving? Is your 3-month average better than your 12-month average? You gotta know where the trend is going!

Whether you sell digital or physical products, Kartra loves them all!

Sales tax and shipping cost... We got you covered!

  • Sell physical products

    Do you ship your products nationally or even internationally? You can define a different shipping cost for each product and for each country.

  • Sales tax or European VAT? No problem!

    Kartra automatically calculates and adds the sales tax or VAT to your checkout process. Furthermore, you'll be able to download a full Excel report to make your accountant's life far more pleasant!

  • Geographical auto-location

    Kartra Checkouts recognize your user's geo-location and pre-defines, by default, the corresponding shipping cost and sales tax.

  • Checkout language and currency conversion

    Do you service international customers? Great! Kartra Checkouts will offer them instant translation to 12 different languages and 40 currencies.

Cart abandonment tagging

Did you know that most people don't actually finalize their order on their first visit to the checkout page?


Sometimes they need more time to think about it. Or they go browse the internet for reviews and second opinions. Or they can't find their credit card. Or a thousand other reasons...


That's why Kartra Checkouts' cart abandonment tagging mechanism is such a gift! In a nutshell, it detects when a user fails to complete the payment process and, by applying a custom tag, it will send him/her a follow up reminder or even an entire series of automated emails!


Can you imagine how many lost customers you'll be able to capture back? Every one of them is an uptick to your bottom line!

Recapturing all those prospects failing to complete the checkout process adds up to the bottom line!

Keeping payments secure... and compliant!

  • PCI compliant

    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a security standard for credit card handling and processing.

  • GDPR compliant

    The General Data Protection Regulation is a mandatory regulation on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area.

  • SCA compliant

    Strong customer authentication (SCA) is a requirement on payment submitted by European customers. The requirement ensures that online payments are performed securely with multi-factor authentication.

  • 256-bit encryption protocol

    All credit card transactions are protected behind a 256-bit encrypted protocol to guarantee privacy and security.

Gorgeous checkout templates


  • 256-bit encryption

    All our checkout pages are 100% SSL secure. In fact, they are guarded by an iron-clad 256-bit encryption protocol.

  • 100% mobile optimized

    Desktop, laptops, tablets or phones... it doesn't matter. Kartra pages look amazing in all of them!

  • Single-step or multi-step forms

    Some people prefer a multi-step checkout, and some others prefer all fields displayed at once. No worries, you will have both options.

  • So many to choose from!

    Inside your Kartra package, you will find dozens of free templates - all professionally designed to convert!

  • Flexible and customizable

    Upload your own logo? Check. Apply your branding fonts and colors? Check. Tweak layout and on-page elements? Check.

  • Full page or pop up checkout

    Kartra offers both versions: a full page template with its own URL, or a minimalist checkout form triggered within a pop up window.

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