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Kartra Forms Replaces...

Building a healthy contacts list is vital for every online business. Kartra Forms makes it easier than it's ever been!

Gorgeous opt-in forms

  • Dozens of stunning templates

    Choose from 50+ professional and high converting designs, all perfectly mobile responsive! 

  • Form "memory" for quick auto-fill

    Why should your users punch in their details every time? Kartra Forms remembers them from previous visits and auto-fill the fields.

  • Your own custom fields

    The secret to laser-target list segmentation: custom fields! Configure any type you wish: custom text inputs, drop downs, radio buttons, check boxes, etc.

  • Tag your leads upon form submit

    Trigger specific actions based on their form input: assign them a unique tag, or subscribe them to a particular mailing list, or trigger a custom automation, etc.

  • Embed in pages, videos or your own site

    You can equally have a Kartra Form pop on a Kartra Page, or mid-way through a video play. Or, of course, embed it in your own site.

  • Single vs. double opt-in

    Want an extra level of confirmation from your customer sign-ups? Activate the double opt-in feature and have them confirm their email address.

  • 100% GDPR compliant

    Stay protected from legal troubles. Kartra Forms auto-detects your visitor's geo-location and prompt the mandatory GDPR permission checkboxes when necessary.

Who needs a designer?!


It's just so much fun! Select the type of form, pick a template, edit the text, play a bit with the colors, and... KABOOM! It's ready to rock'n'roll!

  • There's a template for everyone!

    With 50+ incredible designs, multiple layouts and color palettes, you will always find one that fits your styling.

  • Match your branding

    Got a custom logo and color range? Plug them right in.

  • Designed to convert

    Looking good is only half the battle. Maximizing conversions is what brings victory home!

  • Even a child could use it

    There's nothing to learn: browse, pick, edit and publish. Truly a matter of minutes!

  • Mobile, tablet, computer... we support them all

    Kartra Forms will look stunning no matter the device, browser, operating system, etc.

  • Compliance and terms

    Have them agree to your mandatory terms and conditions, GDPR compliance checkboxes, etc.

Your own custom fields

  • Deep profiling

    Create your own fields to capture custom details from your users: income bracket, level of education, number of children, etc. Gathering targeted data from your leads will allow you to fine-tune your marketing message.

  • All types of custom fields

    Text inputs, multi-option drop downs, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. Whatever you need!

  • Run case-specific automations

    Accurate targeting requires knowing your users: their preferences, their profile details, their demographics, etc.


    Say that you have defined a custom dropdown to collect their income bracket... If they select "more than $150,000 per year", you could assign the tag "high net worth person". Based on this tag, subscribe them to the "Luxury lifestyle" mailing list and promote exclusive high-ticket products to them.

With custom fields, I can tweak my marketing message for each specific demographic group.

Embed it, pop it, slide it, peek it!


  • Embed it

    Probably the most common type of form, it slots right into your page content.

  • Pop it

    Truly an interruptive mechanism, popping a one-way window with a mandatory call to action.

  • Slide it

    More elegant than the pop up, and just as effective. It slides gently from the right edge of the browser.

  • Peek it

    Certainly the most subtle of the bunch, it's a small peek up box from the bottom-right corner.

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