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Hire An Expert In Minutes

The Experts For Hire area is an incredible way for users to both advertise their paid services, as well as discover professionals available for hire.

Easily Filter Experts

  • Save Yourself time searching by narrowing down experts by category, and filtering by new or top experts

List Your Services For Hire

Drum up more business and earn some extra cash by applying to become a Kartra expert directly within the platform

      Campaign Marketplace

      Sell Your Marketing Funnels To Other Kartra Users

      Explore campaigns created by fellow Kartra users and download the ones you like directly to your account, saving you valuable time.


      You can also publish and share the campaigns you've created with the entire community.

      Make A Profit​

      Earn extra cash by selling your campaigns and funnels to thousands of other Kartra users.  Kartra will handle the payment and the delivery automatically.  You focus on creating those amazing campaigns, and Kartra takes care of the logistics.

      Sort in Seconds

      Cut your browsing time in half, by sorting campaigns by single-page templates, multi-page funnels, membership templates, or full campaigns.  You can also organize by price, most popular, and new to the marketplace.

      Effortlessly Import

      Quickly and easily import campaigns—complete with pages, copy, automations, and more—directly into your Kartra account by clicking a button.

      Grow Your List

      If you want to focus on building your list, rather than your bank account, you can create a free campaign that requires a user gives their email to access.

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