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Understand your audience better than they know themselves — with laser-targeted automation, results-based tagging, and lead-by-lead analytics — that they'll start thinking you can read their minds.

  • Build surveys within minutes

    Simple drag-and-drop builder allows you to create a beautifully designed survey within minutes!

  • Focused on customer experience

    Turn memberships into learning centers by automatically putting customers into appropriate membership levels based on quiz results.

  • Results-based automation

    Trigger email sequences, automation and tagging based on survey results or individual answers.

  • Conversational approach

    Choose between conversational "one-question-per-page" design or traditional single-step design.

  • Optimized to get answers

    Create different routes in your survey based on a person's responses or profile. By only asking relevant questions, you increase the chance of people finishing the survey.

  • Comprehensive data analytics

    Evaluate results at a high-level or check everyone’s answers to every single question (even if they answered anonymously or didn’t finish).

Simple. Easy. Dynamic.

Every lead has a story to tell. Kartra logs every single step they take, and composes a meticulous timeline with their actions... It's like following the breadcrumbs!

  • Traditional survey

    Keep your finger on the pulse of your market by creating dynamic, sophisticated surveys your leads, customers, and prospects will answer.

  • Scored quiz

    Increase engagement and success rate by placing customers into appropriate membership levels based on their survey answers or quiz score.

  • Unlimited questions

    Add as many questions as you wish and choose from 8 variations: multi-option text, single-option text, short text answer, long text answer, multi-option image, single-option image, binary (“yes” or “no” answers) and rating score (rate up to 5 stars).

  • Add high-resolution images & videos with ease

    Stand out by adding high-resolution videos and images into your surveys and quizzes with ease (no coding required).

Build beautiful surveys with videos, images, multiple questions, automation, tagging, branched paths, results pages, and so much more...without opening another tab or leaving the page. It's that easy, quick, and simple.

Automatically show the perfect ad to the perfect lead at the perfect time.

Customize your audience's experience... Automagically

  • Branched survey paths

    Pre-determine a user’s survey path based on their answers. This allows you to segment and profile respondents better.

  • Auto-tag leads

    Trigger a tag based on a person’s survey answers, quiz scores or response to one specific question.

  • Track all the answers

    Check the responses of everyone who answered the survey or quiz...even if they chose to answer anonymously or didn’t finish the survey at all.

  • Multiple success messages

    Customize each person’s end result page based on score and responses. For quizzes, you can create DFY certificates when students reach certain scores.

Conversational vs. traditional

  • Single-step or traditional

    Display all questions at once. All the necessary fields, questions, etc. Your users will navigate through the survey or quiz in a vertical manner.

  • Multi-step or conversational

    Your users will complete the survey one step at a time. This mimics a one-on-one survey where the respondents need to answer the first question before moving to the second until they finish the survey. The navigation experience is horizontal rather than vertical.

  • Create surveys your audience enjoys answering

    Know whether your audience wants single-step or multi-step surveys based on Katra's real time reporting. You'll discover what are your best performing surveys, which type gets the most responses, and so much more.

Choose how your users experience the question flow: all at once, or step by step.

Your audience insights all at one glance


  • Comprehensive analytics

    See how many visited your survey, the completion rate percentage, and the average time they finished it.

  • Summarize survey responses

    Pick a survey or quiz you created. With one click, you can view the overall survey results across all leads. You’ll see average response rate, average % score, average time to finish, etc.

  • Lead-by-lead reporting

    If you created a survey, you can read the individual responses from each lead. If you created a quiz, you can check each lead’s answers to see each student's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Easily share analytics and results

    Need your team to help analyze the responses? Do you want students to see their results? No problem! You can download a full CSV document with all the relevant data you need.

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